All Natural Real Rose Facial Toner Kit


We have some incredible new products for our DIY friends! I found an Herbal Apothecary that makes these fun kits and I'm so excited to share them with you!

Introducing All-natural Real Rose Facial Toner kit! DIY do-it-yourself rose toner is super easy to do, comes with step-by-step instructions and kit includes all the ingredients you need. All herbs are ethically/ organically sourced.

Roses are incredibly hydrating for your skin. It will replenish your skin with the nutrients it needs that will make your complexion glowing and radiant!

Perfect gift for any herbal enthusiast in your life or would make a fun homeschool lesson for your tween girl. Teach your children necessary skills! They really don't need to know all the capitals of every state. It's fine, really.  


- 1 bag dried rose petals

- 1 small mason jar

- 4oz witch hazel distillate

- 1 tongue depressor

- 1 muslin bag (for straining)

- 4oz plastic amber bottle

- 1 funnel

- 1 monograph card & Step-by-step instructions.

- *comes in a re-useable 8x10 muslin bag.

$22 per kit.